The Laying On of Hands (2015 - 2018)

A solo exhibition at Project: ARTspace, Manhattan May 15-June 15, 201

A catalogue accompanies the exhibition, with text by artist, writer, critic, Paul D'Agostino.

“In The Laying On of Hands, one of Leslie Kerby’s most polyphonic bodies of work to date, the artist turns her critical eye towards one of the most politically charged, ideologically divisive, societally expansive and, at the very same time, most deeply intimate issues of our time in the United States: our healthcare system. By tapping into a broad range of her artistic skills and techniques — drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media collage—among others Kerby has crafted one of her most fully realized, conceptually seamless bodies of work to date.”

— Modified excerpt from “Manual Realizations,” Paul D’Agostino’s essay for the exhibition catalogue

An extensive interview "The Slyly Activist Art of Leslie Kerby" with Ann Landi of Vasari 21 about my practice and recent solo exhibition The Laying On of Hands at Project: ARTspace. Click here to read the interview